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Have you ever had the experience where you set out to achieve a goal, begin to have some success (like a week or two) and you seem to peter out along the way?  You fall off the wagon, get an injury, something upsets the routine; there is always something. Then discouragement creeps in.  Your mindRead More
Distractions are endless Several weeks ago I decided I’d had enough of sitting at home at my dreary desk watching the cat continuously lick herself. The continuous drone of commercial radio, mixed with backyard lawn mowing and street traffic, was becoming a bore. Who can seriously work like this full time? I started to askRead More
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Should I fix my roof – DIY or professional tips

Posted by admin on March 25, 2017
Category: DIY, Trades
In this article “Should I fix my roof – DIY or professional tips” we consider should I bother fixing my roof in a DIY or professional manner. If you’re in the market for a new roof or repairs, here are some installation benefits. Benefits of New Roofing and Maintenance While a new roof or evenRead More
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Alternative Travel Means – Safety For Women

Posted by admin on March 5, 2017
Category: Travel
Uber started a revolution in offering alternative travel means for those that want to look outside of traditional taxi services; this alone has said to improve safety for women. This has been taken a few steps further by some new exciting startup transportation network companies offering alternatives such as women only drivers and pre-arranged co-sharingRead More
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Green and Healthy Lawn Essentials

Posted by admin on February 17, 2017
Category: DIY, Landscape and Garden
A green and healthy lawn is the ultimate goal for any land owner, but getting there isn’t always easy. You water, you fertilise, you weed, but you still think your lawn could look better. However, you don’t want to spend every free moment or a huge sum of money caring for your lawn. Fortunately, youRead More
Our early ancestors lived in an incredibly dangerous world for many years. Without any real language, they needed to have other ways to communicate. Communication was necessary to express their emotions, needs, anxieties, and desires with each other. They managed to do this through using nonverbal communications including physical changes, gestures, sounds, and facial orRead More
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7 tips for staying on top of your health

Posted by admin on January 25, 2017
Category: Health
In this article, we give you seven tips to help you stay on top of your health. If you are going to live a high-quality life, as most people want, you may need to adjust things to obtain the healthy lifestyle you strive. There are so many aspects to a healthy and happy life, includingRead More
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Time Management Tools and Tips

Posted by admin on January 13, 2017
Category: Project Management, Uncategorized
Time management has always been a challenge whether it is for a small businesses owner or anyone that has many tasks to manage. Let’s face it, you want to make the most of a day, and being organised is essential. Before modern technology that we have today, this was a seemingly challenging task. However, nowRead More
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As an investor, you depend on your broker to be an advisor who will share critical information that is in your best interest. However, it is no secret that many of these individuals are more interested in lining their own pockets. So, how can you tell if your broker is getting you the best deal?Read More
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Sales Strategy – A defined approach

Posted by admin on December 18, 2016
Category: Customer Service, Sales
One of the terrifying worries faced by a salesperson is being viewed as too pushy by a customer. We have all heard stories about how people love to shop for their convenience but hate to buy from a forceful salesperson. Customers hate to be a target. So when you are offering to sell in something,Read More