Three Ways to Beat Goal Discouragement

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Have you ever had the experience where you set out to achieve a goal, begin to have some success (like a week or two) and you seem to peter out along the way?  You fall off the wagon, get an injury, something upsets the routine; there is always something. Then discouragement creeps in.  Your mind […]


Could CoWorking be the answer to business success?

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Distractions are endless Several weeks ago I decided I’d had enough of sitting at home at my dreary desk watching the cat continuously lick herself. The continuous drone of commercial radio, mixed with backyard lawn mowing and street traffic, was becoming a bore. Who can seriously work like this full time? I started to ask […]

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Recognising a unique startup business opportunity

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Recognising unique startup business opportunity

When looking to start a business, it can be a challenge in recognising a unique opportunity from a poor one. However, selecting a genuine and unique business is the key to a successful future. So what questions need answering? Here we give you four key points to consider and get you on your way: Does This […]