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The decision of relocating for work can be very hard one to make. Some people are even known to turn down great jobs just to avoid the entire relocation process. However, moving for a job is not as hard as it seems, it all depends on the resources you have. Lucky for you, we have some great applications, tips, and necessities to make your relocation process as easy as possible. We will give helpful facts for finding a home, schools, ways for transport, and setup. So, don’t turn that job offer down yet, check out these resources!

Finding a Home

Finding a home can be incredibly daunting. Even when searching close to home, finding a home may be highly complicated. If you are presented with a great job in faraway lands, this aspect of finding a home may be very scary, but do not fear! There are all kinds of resources that will help you do this. We will touch base on those in just a moment. First, you will need to put “finding a home” on the top of your list of priorities; as it may take a while to do so. If you are looking for an actual house, there are useful applications for your phone that simply present prices and locations. These apps prove to be significant resources: Australia: realestate.com.au domain.com.au homesales.com.au US: RedFin.com Zillow.com HomeSnap.com Although looking for a house is great, most people being offered a job somewhere in a different city should consider finding a quick fix and go with an apartment. Getting your foot in the door will cause less stress and will allow you to get acclimated to your new city. I will share some great apps for making this happen, as these resources will show you where houses are located, their prices, and so on. Usually, the people posting available apartments are account holders themselves, so going through these great apps will guarantee a faster response opposed to an online platform such as Craigslist; although you should search through that website as well. Here are my favourite applications for finding an apartment in the US. I have relocated a lot in my life, although not for work, nonetheless, these resources have proven very helpful. Zumper.com Apartmentfinder HotPads.com (this one is especially useful and convenient) RadPad.com Rent.com In Australia realestate.com.au and domain.com.au can be used for both apartments and houses. If you are moving to Australia alone, it may be worth checking in at some of the universities for their shared accommodation links for the area you are moving to. Alternatively, check out flatmates.com.au for more options. For other locations there are plenty of Apps and online, so do your research!


Now that you have figured out where you are going to live, the next important priority on the list is to find your school. If you have children, and finding a home close to the school weighs highly on your priority, this maybe the first thing you research, before you start to look for a home to live. If you or your children are not yet enrolled in school and wish to be, then start the process researching for schools. If you are already in school and want to continue your study, ask your faculty if they offer online classes, as most education centres do these days. If online is not your thing, start early by asking your teachers what schools they recommend in that area. Make sure that your credits will transfer, for some private Universities do not allow this. If this is your case, then your only option is if that school also exists in the city you will be moving too, or online classes. You don’t want to have to start over from the beginning, do you?


Your means of transportation are vital when living anywhere. These days, the flexibility of online transport platforms, such as Uber and sharing ride platforms give you plenty more options. When researching, think if it is worth having a car? Just because you have always had one, does not mean you may need one now. In cities like San Francisco or Singapore, a car is more trouble than it is worth. I should mention that owning a small car in Singapore can cost you as much as $100000 in capital expenditure and a huge cost to maintain. So not purchasing a new car or selling your car and using the excellent public transportation that the city offers could be ideal. Either way, research transport routes and options before you move. The first day or so after you have arrived in your new city, explore these routes for an entire day and get familiar with the area, preferably before your first day of work. Remember first impressions are lasting ones. If it is the opposite, as in the city calls for a car regarding convenience, start familiarising yourself with highways and rush hour times. It would be a shame to lose the job that you are relocating for.


The final thing you will need to do is setup your new pad. However, this can’t be physically done until you arrive in the new city, but you can start brainstorming for a fast setup early on. Great, cheap stores that make any home a home, and affordable, are Target, Big W, Fantastic Furniture and the famed IKEA. For those on a super strict budget, something I am very experienced in when it has come to me moving, I recommend Vinnies and the Salvation Army.  You can find authentic, quality decorations at those thrift stores for a unique setup. Furniture, paintings, bed settings. The sky’s the limit! One other thing to look out for particularly in Australia for those on the tightest of budgets is the famous council clean-up day. Furniture is commonly thrown away which residents don’t wish to keep. They will place these items out on the street for the local council to remove. It is amazing what people throw away.  It is unwritten but is OK to take from these piles. I have some things in my home from the clean-up day and feel a sense of pride that it’s been recycled and put to good use! I hope these tips and resources have proven to be helpful for your exciting move! Best of luck to you, and if you have already landed the new job, congratulations! If you would like to receive our newsletter: Subscribe to our mailing list

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